With our information technology background, we are very comfortable with computers and software systems for navigation. Our computers can run: Time Zero Professional, Time Zero Navigator, Olex, Psea-windplot, TheCap’n, OpenCPN, Rosepoint, and many other applications. Our computers will not run Windows XP, precluding their use for Maxsea Classic or Maxsea V12.

We are most familiar with and sell Time Zero Professional, Time Zero Navigator, and Olex.

Olex is mostly sold as a system of computer+software for $6000. If you are already an Olex user and need a newer computer, we can typically do a much better deal; the computer + labor + replacement Olex key for a total cost of less than $2000. Olex is popular for bottom recording. We can repair and upgrade existing Olex systems.

We are gold level dealers for Nobeltec and keep Time Zero Professional + PBG licenses in stock. This is popular for bottom recording as well as for use with Furuno multibeam sounders and NXT radar. It is popular for bottom recording depth+hardness with Hondex and some Furuno sounders. We also do upgrades of older Nobeltec/MaxSea software to the latest versions. We do packages of computer+software for $4200.

Stop by our showroom in Rockland Maine and try both out. We connect our showroom computers to marine electronics instruments for realistic testing and configuration help.